Windy City shows Chiaverini the love

Miles of charm and a winning on-air chemistry with co-host Val Warner have contributed to ...

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Traditional dance advocate Anna Pishner Harsh

Through her Allegro Dance company, Anna Pishner Harsh turns Italian traditions into a cultural treasure ...

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Collegiate running coach Megan Vaccaro

An average runner early in her college career, Megan Vaccaro took her race to the ...

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Army Corporal Casey Presta (World War II)

As a member of the 34th Infantry Division during World War II, Casey Presta battled ...

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A cavalcade of summer fests

August is a busy month for outdoors celebration with an Italian flair. A full listing ...

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Cairo spearheads clay shoot event for charity

Illinois’ largest injury law firm, GWC, is teaming up with the state’s AFL-CIO to host ...

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Caputo’s pairs winemaking competition, bocce tourney

Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets has taken its wildly popular Battle of the Vino to a ...

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Festa Italiana to light up lakefront in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s venerable Festa Italiana will celebrate 42 years of family, fun and tradizione from July ...

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Among other things …

There are times when I have to wonder what I’m going to write about, and ...

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So where were they married?

Even though I have mountains of genealogy work to do, I am often sidetracked by ...

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What do you do with the offer you just received?

You have placed your property on the market and an offer or even multiple offers ...

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Beware of false linguistic friends

Similar in spelling but different in meaning, false cognates can be sources of embarrassment and ...

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