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current-issueFra Noi ® has been the publication of choice for Chicago’s Italian-American community for more than half a century. But the world is constantly changing, and so are we.

We have completely transformed ourselves as we continue to pursue our mission of keeping our readers in touch with each other and their heritage.

Our quaint community newspaper has blossomed into a gorgeous glossy magazine that better showcases our remarkable community and culture.

And our website has been split into two, dramatically revamping and expanding our offerings on both levels.

The best of the old Fra Noi remains, and a host of exciting new features have been added. In the process, we will be broadening our appeal far beyond our traditional readership.

You don’t need to be Italian to love the new Fra Noi. All you need to do is “embrace your inner Italian” ®.

Welcome to the Fra Noi family!

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